LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Use your Savings to Pay For Your LED Lighting System

Your LED lighting system’s utility and maintenance savings will provide the source of funds to cover your monthly financing/leasing payment. When the financing/leasing term is complete, you own the system and begin to realize the full savings for years to come. We provide our customers with a worry free method of trying to figure out how to find there required capital to install their new LED lighting system.

We have set up financing relationships with some of the largest LED lighting financing firms in the world. Our financing partners offer 100% financing (equipment + labor) for your new LED lighting system.

We’ve structured our financing/leasing under a Lighting Service Agreement that becomes an expense instead of debt. This is important to businesses who do not want to affect future borrowing ability.

Credit decisions are usually completed within 48 hours.

Turn-Key LED Lighting Solution Provider

1 Sun Solar Electric is a complete LED lighting solution provider when sources equipment from both US-based and top international manufacturers to provide businesses and organizations with a broad array of the most efficient and effective lighting solutions possible.

Not all LED’s are the same. We are NOT a distributor for a group of manufacturers, thus we are able to source quality equipment specific to your project. From performing on-site lighting audits to final installation, 1 Sun Solar Electric engages in every step of the process to transform your location into a modern energy efficient environment.

How it works

First Step: We calculate your Current Lighting Expense based on your current lighting and hours you have them on.

Second Step: We come up with a lighting solution that will equal or greater the lighting quality you currently have. The difference in electric bill and savings will determine Light Service Agreement for a period of time, typically 2-4 years.

Third Step: You start saving on day one with lower maintenance costs and even more after Light Service Agreement has finished. No additional cost needed to be spent.

Current vs new LED lighting expense

LED Benefits

Financial Performance

The long term return on the stock market has always been somewhere in the 6-10% range. New LED lighting systems after available utility rebates will blow away stock market returns by generating 10 years returns anywhere from 18-40% and above, simple paybacks of only 1.5-5 years, and substantially reduce lighting maintenance costs, depending on the project.

Energy Performance

Upgrading to a new LED lighting system will reduce your lighting energy consumption by 30-60% and reduce the lighting portion of your utility bill by just as much. Most building managers would call this a no-brainer.

5-Year Total Guaranteed Savings

We mean what we say. Our customers receive a 5-year Total Savings Guarantee ensuring your new LED lighting system will reduce your energy consumption. During the term of your Total Saving Guarantee, if your new LED lighting fixtures do not create the power savings you agreed to, you may be entitled to a check for the difference. Our Total Savings Guarantee provide peace of mind you can bank on.